For well over 30 years. Lee Teck Shoes Industry had been one of the biggest Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for a number of leading brands of shoes in the market. When the OEM relationship with these manufacturer ended in 2014, Lee Teck Shoes ventured boldly into a quite unexplored section of the shoes industry; custom made shoes.

Until recently custom-made shoes or tailor-made shoes, whichever way the are known as, habe often been the domain of the well to do, and quite distant from grabs of common men and women. Realising the gap, and the opportunity that availed, Lee Teck Shoes ventured into custom-made shoe manufacturing, hence the birth of LESMANO SHOES SDN BHD.

At LESMANO, we do not only provide solutions tailored to your feet, thanks to our advance scanner which is capable of taking a 3-D scan of your foot whtin a matter of seconds (perhaps the only one in Malaysia), our system is also able to provide you with 3-D visual of the sgoes that you desire, showing the final product before you place your order. Besides, the colour, the shape, and the material of the shoes that you desire are up to you to decide, enabling us to provide you with a unique pair of footwear that you can call you own (design).

And these special features are available for both men's and women's shoes. Only, at LESMANO.